PET Masterclass Intermediate Student´s Book

Young Adult/Adult - SŠ, dospělí

PET Masterclass Intermediate Student´s Book

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PET Masterclass Intermediate Student´s Book

Autor: Capel Annette

EAN kód: 9780194514088
ISBN kód: 978-0-19-451408-8
Nakladatel: Oxford
Vydáno: 2011
Počet stran: 135
Hmotnost: 0,460
Rozměr: 220x275 mm
Stav: Nové zboží
Vazba: Měkká vazba
Foto nebo ilustrace: Barevné

PET Masterclass appeals to highly motivated students. The Introduction to PET module gives them a head start on what is in the exam and how PET Masterclass helps them prepare. A gradual increase in difficulty gives students a sense of progression and achievement, and students can do a printed practice test in the Workbook, as well as an online practice test as final preparation. Key Features 20 topic based units in the Students Book give complete PET preparation. Introduction to PET module gives students a head start. Each lesson is on a double-page spread, making it easy to teach from. Authors have addressed typical mistakes which PET students make. Online PET Practice Test features automatic marking and instant feedback, integrated dictionary definitions, exam tips, and more. Ideal for self-study. Testing and reviewing material available in Students Book, Workbook and online.

Dostupnost: skladem celkem 1 ks, odesíláme do 24 hodin

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