Best: from the Interior design magazine Hall of Fame


Best: from the Interior design magazine Hall of Fame

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Best: from the Interior design magazine Hall of Fame

Autor: Aves Pirrie B., Parsons Bret, Polites Nicholas

EAN kód: 962459666
ISBN kód: 9624596-6-6
Nakladatel: Vitae
Vydáno: 1993
Počet stran: 238
Hmotnost: 1,460
Rozměr: 235 x 310 mm
Stav: Nové zboží
Vazba: Tvrdá vazba
Foto nebo ilustrace: Barevné
Popis stavu: poškozené rohy papírového obalu

One of the most indelible footprints any civilization can leave are its buildings and interiors. In BEST, you see a contemporary record of our own time as realized by 56 of the most inspired, most creative practitioners in the design field. These are the members of the Interior Design magazine Hall of Fame, recognized by their peers as among todays most influential designers. Far more than simply a collection of our ages most beautiful residential and commercial interiors, BEST offers a survey of the wisdom and experience earned by long and faithful practice in a demanding field. Designed as a resource and reference by Massimo Vignelli, himself a member of the Hall of Fame, BEST is an appropriate mirror of the depth and range of their work. The Interior Design magazine Hall of Fame was instituted in 1985 to support the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research (FIDER). Since then, the membership has grown to include 76 outstanding men and women, as selected by the membership. Founded in 1971 by Interior Design magazine, the group is a self-directing and self-perpetuating academy. FIDER is responsible for accrediting schools of interior design in the United States and Canada. The awards banquet for the Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame has raised over half a million dollars for this work. In a disposable and an increasingly brutal environment, BEST offers a testament of lasting accomplishment. For craft, imagination, and the sheer, assemblage of design talent, it is quite simply a tour de force to be consulted again and again.

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